My name is Dr. Tina Balser, and I am a mom, wife, innovator, creator, entrepreneur, and life coach. I am passionate about being present in your life and taking action! After losing my mom at a young age to lung cancer, I was faced with constant challenges that compelled me to make a crucial decision - embrace a positive lifestyle or succumb to the negativity that surrounded me. After I graduated college, I began my professional journey working in higher education, corporate America, and network marketing for 15 years, and I continued to learn that my ability to feel good in life was truly up to me. In 2022, I started my journey to help everyone in the world live a life they feel good about forever!

Feel Good Forever is focused on giving everyone the tools to feel good in all areas of life! Connecting and supporting the emotional, mental, physical, and social elements of life we ALL are challenged by daily. Can you imagine wearing “No Bad Days” and having a great day? I can! You can feel good on the inside and out with new branded merch! These items are meant to inspire your soul, be a reminder to show up for yourself every day, and be a part of your feel-good journey! Don’t forget...Happiness is an attitude! 

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